Unity Web Player | Combover Monster Campaign Manager

Move: WASD or Arrows | Tweet: Spacebar | Monster Mode: Hold Shift | Build Wall: E Key or Enter | Restart: R key

Your Goal

Help The Donald reach 40%+ polling for the Republican Party Primaries and hold it for 30 seconds.

» How you do it is up to you to discover and figure out. The complex process of campaign management doesn't come with instructions, except for the instructions/spoiler section further below.
Discovery/Sandbox Game

Part of the fun of being a new campaign manager is discovering how your actions affect voters, and how that affects your poll numbers.

If you don't know what you're doing at first - it's ok, just be observant to the colors/logos on the voters' signs, and figure out their correlation to the polling results numbers on the left side of the screen.

SPOILERS BELOW (Select text within the box to see it.)

Move: WASD or Arrow Keys. Voters, walls, and other candidates can block you when you are in your normal talking head mode. You can stomp over them while in monster combover mode.

Fire off a Tweet: Spacebar. Voters that make contact with the tweets will be converted into your supporters. The more supporters you have, relative to other Republican candidates, the higher you poll. You cannot convert blue voters (Democrats) unless they are dazed first, with...

Monster Combover: Hold Shift to transform into the giant combover monster. Any voters you come into contact with will be temporarily dazed by your awesamnity, and will forget who they were supporting after they wake up. You only have a limited amount of combover power though, which recharges over time. This also smashes down walls that you build...

Build Walls: E or Enter. These walls can be damaged by yourself and other candidates, but are useful for strategically corralling voters. The Donald loves building walls along our country's borders.


» A poll is taken of all the voters (the little sign posts) every half second. You're only concerned with the Republican (red) voters and how you're doing against the other Republican candidates (the large signposts with red boxes on the bottom). You can see the poll results on the left side of the screen.

» Use The Donald's rapid fire tweet ability to win over voters and boost your polling results. Though unwieldy to fire, when a tweet make contact with a voter, it will change the allegiance of any red or undecided voter to you. You'll see their signpost become orange. You can lay the tweets down as traps for voters to stumble onto. Keep converting voters into your own until your rating is high enough. Beware - other candidates will try to convert your own voters to theirs by firing their own tweets.

» Use the MONSTER COMBOVER power (hold down Shift) to transform into your true form, a giant combover, and temporarily squash/daze other candidates' supporters and make them "undecided" when they wake up. This is useful for converting blue (Democrat) voters into undecided voters that you can capture with your tweets. Or you can use it to allow Hillary to convert them to blue, so that your opponents can't convert them. You're only concerned with the polling among Republicans, after all.

» Build walls (E key) to keep out the other candidates. This is an advanced tool for deeper strategy. Don't box yourself in though. These walls can be damaged by other candidates and yourself, but not by voters.